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HitTrax League 2024


HitTrax 2024 will begin on January 13th. This will be a 5 week league with playoff. Home Run derby.

* 5 Week Season

* Limit to 8 Teams per League

* 10 years old to adult

* Fridays (TBD)

* Saturdays 9:30am - close

* Double Headers

* $75.00 per Player (3-5 players per team)

* World Series Playoff to top 2 teams for baseball and softball. (Best of 3 series for each)

* League winners shall have all teammates present throughout season to be crowned World Series Champion. Having pickup players each week will disqualify.

Schools, Travel Teams and Rec teams are all encouraged to play. This season is strategically scheduled to end right before middle and high school begins.

Distance is not an issue. We had teams traveling from over 2 hours away and from other states.


For our HitTrax League, games are played virtually utilizing the HitTrax system. The HitTrax gaming module calls balls & strikes, and awards hits or outs, depending on the exit velocity and launch angle of the balls off the player’s bat. Baserunners, as well as a real-time visualization of the flight of each hit, are projected onto the TV, including the system determined result of each at-bat. Players are truly playing a virtual game, live in our batting cages. Each week you’ll compete in a different Major League ballpark!


Games will be 6 innings. Once a new inning has started it will be completed. No new inning will start after 25 minutes of play and there are no extra innings.

* If the game is tied after 6 innings the game will end in a tie.

* There are no bat restrictions

* There will be an attendant assigned to each game to adjust any malfunctions of the HitTrax system.

* Live pitching only by a team representative or coach. Each team is responsible to collect balls after their half-inning ends. Ball collection shall be completed as quickly as possible due to the 30-minute game time limits.

* No Bunting allowed.

* There is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for foul language, taunting or throwing bats/helmets. Violations will result in player disqualification. Alcohol and drugs are strictly PROHIBITED.

* Teams must have at least THREE players present at game time to play. If three players are not present the game will be forfeit. If three players are present, the game will begin at the scheduled time, with the fourth or fifth members of the team registering an out when his or her spot in the lineup occurs until they arrive.

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